Saturday classes Scrap Value 26th Oct and other classes coming up

Louise Mabbs – Saturday classes 2013/2014

Scrap Value

Saturday October 26th 10am – 4pm – near Hove Park (max 6/7 students)

We will cover many ways to use up scraps – from small scale patchwork techniques to random, textured surfaces such as those used in  Sea Breezes & Rough Seas:


Sea Breezes – Rough Seas © Louise Mabbs 2008

Photo: Janine Boyer, Brighton

Including fun with applique, couching, random patchwork, weaving, strip piecing and free machine embroidery techniques

Bring all those tiddly bits of fabric and thread that are too small for other projects, threads of all sorts and some backing fabric in the colourways you want to work in. 

Vilene/interfacing/tear-away fabrics if you have them, or buy from me 

We will make several small samples with Christmas gifts in mind

Bring your sewing machine or use one of mine

Please contact me at as soon as possible to confirm interest and venue details

Louise Mabbs – Saturday classes 2014

Starting Saturday January 11th 10.00am- 4.00pm – near Hove Park (max 6/7 students)

Sampling the quilt

6 basic patchwork & appliqué blocks plus putting together & quilting techniques

Make a cot quilt or lap quilt , in your own colour scheme, and a design of your choice in the pineapple like block, while learning basic quiltmaking techniques in small, friendly classes

January 11th,  February 24th,  March 14th,  April 26th  & 2 further in May & June to be confirmed (all dates will be confirmed to suit all interested parties)

£26 per full day class (6 sessions)

  1. Piecing – English Template (hand) & American Block (machine)
  2. Applique – Hearts and flowers (hand & machine)
  3. Patchwork – Repeat Blocks & Crazy Patchwork (applique/embroidery)
  4. Putting a quilt top together – trimming blocks, sashing, cornerstones, borders
  5. Layering, tacking or pinning
  6. Quilting techniques hand running stitch, stab stitch, tying, machine quilting


Sampling the Quilt © Louise Mabbs 1997

Photo: Robert Claxton 

 £26 per full day class

Please contact me at as soon as possible to register interest

New Wednesday Classes from January 2014


Fun with Fibonacci – an A-Z of quilting techniques

26 techniques in Fibonacci* grid block settings

Starting 8th January 2014 – near Hove Park (max 6/7 students)

Wednesday evenings 7pm to 9pm

& possibly Wednesday mornings 9.30am – 11.30am  – subject to students preferences we will either do this, or a simpler square block version of the techniques or one of the series options mentioned in the 2014 class provisional schedule programme blog

£8 per class per half term – see programme schedule for term lengths


Bright’n’Breezy – Fibonacci A-Z

Quilt top pieced 2005-2011. Finished quilt ©Louise Mabbs 2011

Photo Lynda Kelley, Hove

2014 class provisional schedule

2014 class provisional schedule

We will be starting some new series in the New Year. I have had several requests to run the Fibonacci A-Z one again but in the evening, so I have put those details in the schedule below.

However there are several options for the morning sessions:

1)    A-Z Fibonacci – morning session

2)    A-Z of Quilting – 26 Patchwork/Quilting/Applique techniques

3)    A-Z of Quilting & Embroidery (26 Patchwork/Applique & 26 alternating stitch based classes) the whole course will take two years

4)    More 3D folding techniques (following on from the 2012/13 class where we looked at different types of fabric origami and manipulation, smocking, pleats and more – doing a different type each half-term)

5)    A Quilting Trip Around The World (focussing on a different countries techniques each week)


  • A – Applique
  • P – Patchwork
  • Q – Quilting
  • 3DP – Three Dimensional Patchwork technique

Apologies for bad line edges – haven’t found how to do columns or tabs on the blog site yet

Wednesday Mornings 9.30 – 11.30am             Wednesday evenings 7.00-9.00pm

 Spring term A (6 weeks @ £8 = £48)                              Spring term A (6 weeks @ £8 = £48)

  • 8th January 2014     1          Series options      1          American Block (P)
  • 15th                                                 2          see notes                2          Broderie Perse (A)
  • 22nd                                                 3          above                        3          Cathedral Window (FP)
  • 29th                                                  4          D                                  4          (Drunkard’s Path (P)
  • 5th February               5          E                                   5          English Template (P)
  • 12th                                  6          F                                   6          Flying Geese (3DP)
  • 19th                                 HALF TERM – no class    HALF TERM – no class

Spring Term B (6 weeks @ £8 = £48)                             Spring Term B (6 weeks @ £8 = £48)

  • 26th February             7                                                G 7      German-Dresden Plate (P)
  • 5th March                       8                                                H 8      Hawaiian-One Piece (A)
  • 12th                                                    9                                                 I 9        Italian Corded (A)
  • 19th                                                   10                                               J 10    Japanese Sashiko (Q)
  • 26th                                                   11                                               K  11   ‘Keltic’ (A)
  • 2nd April                                2                                                 L 12    Log Cabin (P)
  • 9th                                                       EASTER – no class             EASTER HOLIDAYS – no class
  • 16th                                  EASTER – no class              EASTER HOLIDAYS – no class

Summer Term A (5 weeks @ £8 = £40)                          Summer Term A (5 weeks @ £8 = £40)

  • 23rd April                      13       M                                     13       Mariners Compass (P)
  • 30th                                                  14       N                                      14       Nuptials-Double wedding Ring (P)
  • 7th May                          15       O                                      15       Origami-folded techniques (3DP)
  • 14th                                                  16       P                                       16       Puff (3DP)
  • 21st                                                   17       Q                                      17       Quadruples (P)
  • 28th                                 HALF TERM – no class       HALF TERM – no class

Summer Term B (8½ weeks @ £8 = £66)                       Summer Term B (8½ weeks @ £8 = £66)

  • 4th June                        18       R                                        18       Reverse (A)
  • 11th                                                 19       S                                         19       Somerset (3DP)
  • 18th                                 20       T                                         20       Thai-Hmong (A)
  • 25th                                 21       U                                        21       USA-Seminole (P)
  • 2nd July                        22       V                                         22       Victorian-Crazy (A/P)
  • 9th                                   23       W                                        23       Windows- Stained Glass (A)
  • 16th                                24       X                                          24       Xtra layers-Chenille (3DP)
  • 23rd                               25       Y                                          25       Yoyos/Suffolk Puffs (3
  • 23rd                               26*       Z                                       26*      eZy Bow Ties (3DP)

* extended class


  • Classes are a maximum of 6 or 7 students
  • Please contact me on


  • £8 per class – payable per half term (unless you join partway through the term)
  • Includes tea/coffee, & worksheets when appropriate.
  • If you miss a class you can slot into the same technique next time, as long as you have paid for the whole half term
  • Or tap into another time slot if we can get the evening course up & running
  • Taster classes or one off classes £10

Class Schedule Sept – Dec 2013 Wednesday mornings

Wednesday Morning classes in Hove  9.30 – 11.30am

Autumn Term A (2 weeks left @ £8 = £16)


  • 4th   September 2013
  • 11th
  • 18th
  • 25th
  • 2nd October
  • 9th
  • 16th
  • 23rd
  • 30th HALF TERM – no class


Existing students are putting together the blocks from previous class series, so we are reviewing

  • Trimming blocks
  • Sashing
  • Borders
  • Layering the quilt
  • Hand quilting techniques – running & stab stitches, knotting & tyeing
  • Machine quilting on domestic machines
  • Binding, labeling, hanging systems

New students are working on their own projects with support and inspiration from me


We currently have 2 spaces available, classes are a maximum of 6 or 7 students


  • £8 per class – payable per half term (unless you join partway through the term)
  • Includes tea/coffee, & worksheets when appropriate.
  • If you miss a class you can slot into the same technique next time, as long as you have paid for the whole half term
  • Or tap into another time slot if we can get the evening course up & running
  • Taster classes or one off classes £10

Autumn Term B   (7 weeks @ £8 = £56)


  • 6th November 2013
  • 13th
  • 20th
  • 27th
  • 4th December
  • 11th
  • 18th
  • 25th   CHRISTMAS DAY- no class


  • We will probably be finishing existing quilts
  • Or bring your own projects for advice and encouragement
  • Or class members might want  to choose a short series of themed classes


Please confirm if you are (re)booking as soon as possible and what you would like to do or learn

Purpose of this blog


This Blog is for information about

  • My home classes
  • Private or group classes I’m teaching elsewhere
  • Descriptions of classes/talks I offer
  • Exhibitions I’m running
  • Textile shows I’m demonstrating or teaching at
  • Artist in residencies
  • Other people’s events I’m taking part in

Since email mailing lists don’t seem to work for me – either people don’t get them, don’t reply or the addresses have become defunct (about a third of them come back which is extremely time consuming/costly to find errors or post out to people who might not even be there any more) so I figured if people opted in to follow the blog they could skim read for relevant info to their interest with a click through from the email notification.

I only expect to post something every couple of weeks once the site is up and running, so hopefully it won’t be too time consuming for you.

However you can read more on my personal work, some of the subjects above or things I’m involved with on my blog, you can find them at:          Faithfull fibres and thoughtful threads

– for work in progress, my inspirations and what I’m generally up to

louisemabbsevents      Classes, exhibitions and shows

– for events I am leading or taking part in Brighton, the UK and abroad

Hoping to set these up shortly:

louisemabbs-tanzaniamania       Be part of a designer quilt in progress

– A fundraising 1,000 block quilt project for my middle child’s eco trip to Tanzania Summer 2014

louisemabbs-fairtrade’sfair          Fair trade is fair & buying with a conscience

– About my fairtrade events, links and thoughts on current issues in finance, justice and faith issues

About Louise Mabbs’s work

I am a textile artist based in Brighton & Hove. I grew up in Derbyshire, studied textile design in Winchester and returned to Wirksworth where I had a home studio & then a shop ”A Primary Presence” (where you might have come across me under my maiden name Louise Briggs). After marrying Alex we trained in Manchester and worked in London, Hove & Portslade and shortly in Brighton

I specialize in modern quilt related art, but this includes all sorts of fibres – thread, materials, paper plastic and anything else scrounged, bought from charity & specialist shops or salvaged as part of an avid recycling in the old fashioned sense of reusing (or the awful upstart sounding trendy word ‘upcycling’, – though I suppose it does distinguish it from used materials just being sent to rag recycling). I have been practising this all my life, brought up with a ‘waste not – want not’ mother who hoarded textile treasures in our spare room (my old bedroom before a house extension), so I started sewing when I was very young and made my first Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt between 8 & 13 years old

I trained in Constructed Textiles – weaving and knitting at Winchester School of Art, but discovered quilts partway through, so combined these skills. I’ve since taught myself lots of other crafts and learned origami with the British Origami Society, and more recently, mosaic

My work is eclectic though I work a lot with mathematical ideas – & geometrical shapes and optical illusions, trying to make maths fun and accessible to women & children put off it’s traditional form at school

I also do organic free-machine embroidery developed after doing a City & Guilds course at East Berkshire College, Windsor. Nature – flowers, animals and the sea feature highly

I tend to work with strong colours often drawing on a mathematical colouring system I have been working on for almost 30 years, but have done commissions and exhibition work in other styles and palettes

The Influence of Travel I do a lot of work with ethnic fabrics and ideas. Trips to Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana and European countries plus exhibitions closer home have been big influences. These days I try to avoid flying for environmental reasons, so have to research ideas through the internet, books and museums more. We are incredibly privileged to live in such a technologically accessible world

My first book “The Quilter’s Guide To Twists and Tucks” UK (terrible title) or “Origami Quilts” (USA) on fabric origami and folding ideas was published in 2006 but has been out of print/unavailable since 2009 despite pleas to republish a paperback British edition

I am currently working on several other book ideas but they are likely to be self-published

I’m also finishing off lots of class sample based quilts, two church banner projects, several mathematical design projects and planning lots more!