Sacred Mathematics Conference – 21st & 22nd October, London

07-Borromean Rainbow Rings b-600:72-LM (LM)Borromean Rainbow Rings © Louise Mabbs 2007

I am scheduled to do a workshop on my Borromean Ring Sculptures at the above conference in London next weekend.

The Borromean Rings started as a pagan symbol but early Celtic Christians adapted it to represent the Trinity – Creator (Father), Saviour (Son) and Spirit (Holy Spirit) . Just as if you take one ring out, the whole unit collapses, the Trinity cannot exist without the 3 aspects of God being in unity. Not a perfect depiction but just about the best I have come across visually.

  • We will start mini versions of about 6″ squared based on the larger version I made in 2007 as part of an exhibition of Celtic Knot work I did for an exhibition on Lindisfarne
  • I will explain how the rings work
  • I will bring other ring designs along for you to see

Please click on the link below to see the original conference. Sadly the numbers signing up have been disappointing so it has been slimmed down. See their website for updates. On Sunday there is the choice of

  • Dancing The Vesica Piscis with Susan Kelly
  • Drawing The 8-year Cycles of Venus with Alex Murrell
  • Sewing The Borromean Rings with me (Louise Mabbs)

PLEASE SIGN UP STRAIGHT AWAY otherwise the event is liable to be cancelled or postponed. You might like to register your interest anyway with the organisers, in the event that it doesn’t go ahead next weekend and is deferred till a more suitable date





Update to local Hove classes

97-Sampling The Quilt

Sampling The Quilt , 1 © Louise Mabbs 1997


House –                       Repeat Blocks, machine
Flower –                      Hand appliqué
Star –                           American style hand or machine patchwork blocks
Crazy Patchwork –  Hand appliqué and embroidery
Random shape –      Machine appliqué
Tumbling Blocks –  English template Patchwork, hand (youngsters call it English Paper Piecing)

Sadly we nearly made it to a class actually running but the class was pulled just before the 6th person signed up. So frustrating.

However it was the final impetus for me to finally give my studio and dining room a massive reorganisation, so I am able to teach from home again after there years in this new house of not being able to (husband’s employers moved us to a less useful, smaller house).  I have two new students starting a beginners cot quilt/lap quilt project on Monday evenings normally from 7pm – 9pm. We’ve only had one class and as we’re almost into half term and one of them is away, we are having our second session on 23rd, but it & the 30th will be 3 hour classes to make up for the break as the course started much later than the school terms.

It works out at £10 a class (so £15 for the 3hrs) which includes worksheets and coffee/tea. Please contact me through the reply button below if you would like to come. you can drop into it later or come to occasional class for £12.

I hope my second level Quilt As You Go beginners course will run in January, if not I’ll run something at home again. The lack of funding for Community Learning courses, lack of daytime classrooms and the difficulties of advertising things efficiently have hampered things for a long time so I am looking for alternative options so please sign up for occasional updates here so you know when things are happening.

I’m also getting a new website done and probably going on instagram and other things so hopefully my own publicity will be more efficient by then!