I am a textile artist based in Hove, East Sussex.

I teach patchwork, quilting, embroidery, origami and other paper/fibre techniques. I have been teaching privately and publicly for over 30 years having trained as a weave/knitter at Winchester School of Art  (1982-5) and City & Guild Embroidery at East Berkshire College in Windsor in the 1990’s, though much of my skills are self taught as a practising artist doing commissions, exhibition work and artist in residencies.

My own work is very eclectic in style and influence , you can read more about it on my blog faithfullfibres http://faithfullfibres.wordpress.com

Adult Education – I have resumed teaching in  at PACA – Portslade Academy PACA Adult Education at Foredown Tower, which is a lovely quiet location on the edge of the Sussex Downs

Regular classes include:

Patchwork and Quilting for Beginners – 10 week series

Sampling the Quilt‘ (Part 1) whole piece quilt – covering the basic skills needed to make a small lap or cot quilt

or (Part 2) – learning more basic techniques and Quilt as You Go Blocks

Understanding your Sewing Machine – a day class covering all the things you need to know and be able to find on your sewing machine, using stitches, threads, tension and free machine basics

One off – e.g. Cushions In A Day, others TBC

Private Classes – I hope to resume my home classes when my new house’s studio is functional and will expand this page when I’m able to offer specialist classes again. I have taught many series including:

Sampling the Quilt‘ 10 week beginners classes covering all the basics of making a small lap quilt

A Trip Around The World‘ – a huge range of patchwork  quilting and appliqué techniques from around the world

A-Z of Quilting’ – 26 different techniques one for each letter of the alphabet

A-Z of Quilting & Embroidery‘ – 52 sessions covering hundreds of embroidery stitches and 26 quilting techniques

Fibonacci A-Z‘- 26 traditional blocks put into a Fibonacci grid

Folding Frenzy‘ – there are couple of years worth of techniques, both traditional and my own invention which are broken down into termly blocks based on a similar starting point

Private Groups –  I have hundreds of quilting techniques, plus origami in fabric and paper and many other craft skills, so have taught my own techniques or traditional blocks in many different settings here and abroad. Some themes included below, but a full list will be added to the site ASAP. Classes can be developed to suit your group requirements:

Sea Breezes‘ – ragged embroideries inspired by waves and water effects

Kente cloth‘ – & other Ghanaian inspired techniques in patchwork and embroidery skills

Fabric Origami Windmills & Pinwheels‘ – many options I have developed, most create interesting holey structures when joined together

Public shows and Exhibitions – I regularly teach and demonstrate at:

Upper Street Events – Festival of Quilts and some Knitting and Stitching shows

ICHF (International Craft & Hobby Fairs) –  Excel in London, Event City, Manchester www.ichfevents.co.uk

Independent shows – West Country Quilt Show, Bristol (2014 & 15)

A full list of where I have demonstrated will be on my CV at a later date. At of January 2015 I am booked to do Festival of Quilts and on reserve for the ICHF shows this year.



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    • Thank you for the positive comments about my instructions. I deliberate only sell instructions on my fabric origami kits because the technique works for any size and making kits up is horrendously time consuming and expensive, so it’s better for people to cut them the size they want and in their own colour schemes.

      Your lovely piece looks a bit different to the pieces you saw on my stall at FOQ because I’m often using a colour sequence where the colours on the inside and outside meet together only twice in the same combination, but for each colour I’m using. So the colours are a bit more jumbled up in yours which is a lovely effect in itself. This is what I love about teaching – seeing how other people take off and then getting re-inspired myself.

      You also spaced them out a bit more that my normal Armadillo pieces, though I am currently doing that layout and other spacings/tesselations with my original folds in 12 different variations on the joining. This is because having done the basic square Windmills & Pinwheels (Pinwheels I define as having both rotation and an extra twist) I then worked through equilateral triangles, hexagons and diamonds so then went back & designed more square units, on which I can use all the new things I discovered from the doing the other shapes. I have instructions for all of those and will probably update the square one’s before too long.

      I plan to tackle pentagonals next and am also doing loads of samples in the existing shapes with the hopes of doing some new books on them. Having been cheated by my former publishers I haven’t yet decided whether to self publish or risk trusting another company yet though.

      Thank you for posting about my website & main blog. I’m almost ready with a new website which will take over from some of my other blogs (which all on wordpress). I hope it will be live around the New Year, maybe sooner, because the main one is 10 years out of date and has been accessible to me, so there will be lots of new pictures on it and up to date info. I’m on pinterest and instagram though – just google my name.

      I think a load of posts went out on twitter after the MathsJam meeting last weekend where I did a 5 min talk on another fabric origami design I am still experimenting with

      Re threads getting wrapped round the points, you should be able to avoid this by sewing from the back, if you follow my instructions for the stitch technique you won’t be able to see them anyway. If not temporally pin the wings down while you are sewing. It may also be the size you are using but I can’t really tell what size units you used.

      Finally I love the fact you live in a Windmill. I volunteer on the welcome desk at Blatchington Windmill in Hove fairly near where I live several times a year and have done lots of research into them and other spinning shapes/structures which inform several of my talks and many of my projects. How fantastic to live in one though. We have several others within a few miles, Jack & Jill (one closed to public because lived in) , Clayton & Rottingdean. Where is yours though I’m not familiar with the name.

      Thank you for sharing your work, let me know if you do try again!

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