2017-18 New Class and Techniques Lists

Here at last is my new list of classes and talks. It’s been a very long process of trying to put it together and in the end I had to put the pages onto a powerpoint and then turn it into individual slide pictures! I’m sure there’s an better way but my Word document wouldn’t let me downsize the whole document though I’d downsized the individual images a lot from the first ones in an attempt to make it small enough to send by regular email and I’ve tried loads of other ways and asked lots of people to no avail till this solution.

I probably need an expensive graphics package which I can’t afford at the moment! Though my new website is under construction now so hopefully there will be a easier to read, way to display it there.

Sorry the images are small by this method. I hope you can find a way of zooming in to it

Fabric Origami Squares & Triangles17 LM Class list p1

Fabric Origami Hexagons & Diamonds


Other Fabric Origami under development & other folding techniques

Slide03.jpgMore folding and some bonding techniques


Slide05.jpgSculptural techniques and Embroidered & Applique techniques


Slide07.jpgSlide08.jpgTalks and powerpoint presentations – & can be tweaked to suit your audienceSlide09.jpg

Slide10.jpgClass codes & other classes plus series for private or long term groups

Slide11.jpgTerms, conditions & fees