Portslade Academy

Update 24/03/16

It’s almost time for the last term of the school year which means there is a new class starting on Thursday 14th April, scheduled in the brochures for 2.30-4.30pm at Foredown Tower. Due to low numbers we weren’t able to run the last two terms so it would be great if we can get up and running again, then we can run some more in-depth courses next year.

This term – is a Beginners part 1 course again – 6 basic techniques, whole cloth quilting machine & hand techniques covered.

Anyone who’s done it before is welcome to come back and I will show you how to make more complex blocks in the techniques we’re covering.

There’s a new Understanding Your Sewing Machine Class on Saturday 25/06/16, 11am – 4pm also at Foredown – spaces still available. Covers all your machine bits & pieces, threads, needles stitch problems and lots more

But next year (September 16-July 17) I plan to run –

  • Term 1 –Beginners part 1 (as above)
  • Term 2 – Beginners part 2 again – with 6 other basic techniques and Quilt As You Go Blocks
  • Term 3 – I’d like to do a Design your own quilt where I take you through colour, design and some fundamental techniques but where you make very different quilts for yourself

I am also considering offering 10 week focussed courses on

  • Log cabin variations
  • Cathedral Window techniques
  • Quilt As You Go techniques

which will be 9 different variations with a final session on how to put the quilt top together.

I look forward to meeting new students soon – I will be emailing you with details nearer the date & I hope to see some of the older students at courses next year



Upcoming classes for PACA at Foredown Tower include:


CL113 Patchwork/Quilting Beginners pt 2           Thu 10 -12

Starting 14/4/16                       For  10 weeks            Due to start

CL107 Make your own Quilted Cushion              Sat 11- 16

On 30/4/16                                 1 day class                 Not running now see college for rescheduling

CL077 Understanding Your Sewing Machine          Sat 11 – 16

On 25/6/16            1 day class                                      Pending

CL112  Patchwork/Quilting Beginners pt 1           Thu 14.30-16.30

Starting 14/1/16                       For  10 weeks               Sadly didn’t run

Please see the link below for updates and full details of the courses, though I will add class technique lists above shortly